A church family grounded in truth
and growing in Christ.

Welcome to our Westminster Kids Early Learning Program.

Our purpose is to provide a Christian environment that will allow children to grow and develop spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. The ELP Committee and leadership of Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) govern us. We look forward to having your children with us in this program.

We provide numerous experiences that stimulate a child’s curiosity about the world and everything God created. We incorporate A Beka, a Bible-based curriculum that offers nurturing in all areas of your child’s growth. Our philosophy is to assist families in providing a safe, loving environment in which a child can learn. While we model our program according to state regulations, we are not yet licensed by the State of Tennessee and are not required to be.

For more information, please contact our ELP director Erin Williams at 423-328-3428 or via email at [email protected]

Goals of the ELP

  1. To provide an atmosphere that will enable children to learn about God at an early age, feel positive about themselves, know how unique and special they are, and know Who created them.
  2. To provide an environment that stimulates each child’s creative and natural curiosity.
  3. To provide opportunities to grow in faith and affirm God’s love.
  4. To experience love, trust, and acceptance in his/her relationship with others.
  5. To develop friendships and encourage behavior that promotes mutual respect.
  6. To encourage learning that will be developmentally appropriate for every child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is orientation?

Parent orientation will be scheduled before the first day. You will be notified of the date.

2. What ages do you accept in the ELP program?

Westminster Kids ELP is available for children 15 months to 4 years of age on or before Aug 15th of the current year.

3. How do I enroll my child?

Application must be completed annually with a non-refundable fee per child. Current students and members of WPC will have first priority. Each child must have paid their yearly supply fee and completed a child history, emergency information, and departure form prior to their first day of attending. Enrollment is contingent upon approval of the ELP Committee.

4. Does my child have to be vaccinated?

Immunizations must be current and dates MUST be given to the program on forms available at your doctor’s office or current health department. This is also required prior to the first day of class.

To review application forms and the ELP calendar, please refer to the links at left.

ELP Calendar

ELP Forms