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Members Area

“What is the Members Area?”

The Members Area provides functionality which is similar to Facebook, except that it is private, visible to registered and approved users only.

“How do I access the Members Area?”

To access the Members Area, visit http://members.westminjc.org/

“What can I do in the Members Area?”

  • When you login to the Members Area, you will see an activity stream of notifications, similar to Facebook status updates.
  • You will have you own unique username and password.
  • You can create and maintain your own profile.
  • Your profile can include a photo, as well as directory information (e.g., phone number, email address, etc.)
  • You can join groups.
  • You can subscribe to receive email notifications from groups.
  • You can “friend” other people in the Members Area, similar to Facebook.
  • You can create discussion forums.
  • You can send private messages to each other.
  • You can send messages to multiple recipients at once.

“How do I become a registered and approved user of the Members Area?”

It’s not as hard or as scary as it may sound. All you need is your computer and bit of patience.

  1. First, register yourself at the Members Area. When you fill out the registration form, you will receive an automated email thanking you for registering. However, you’re not done yet. Please note that in order to keep the Members Area private and secure, the registration process is moderated. Once you have registered yourself, you will need to wait for your registration to be approved.
  2. Once your registration is approved by the moderator, you will receive another automated email giving you further login instructions.

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